About Us

"Finally, a proper online map of Jamaica that makes it easy to find addresses" ... We hope that is your reaction.

There has been an obvious need for a while now to have an online interactive map of Jamaica for finding addresses. Maybe you needed to find a real estate property, business location, a friend's house, tourist spots, or even a shortcut to avoid traffic ... I'm sure you get the picture.

JACX Technologies has designed a solution to fulfill that need, considering that we too have been in such situations. So we present whereinjamaica.com, your go-to map for finding your way around Jamaica.

Sure there are other maps out there; however, we have taken a more liberal approach with our map's data. We have developed our map for quick, simple and easy address search. It has the capability to integrate with external systems such as other websites, email and blogs, thus making our map open to an unlimited amount of uses and functionalities.

We also have a open editing structure so everyone can contribute to the map. This enables our map to have a wide variety of content not limited to addresses and roads but it extends to business locations, event locations, hot spots etc.

If you find this useful (which I know you will) we ask that you contribute to the development of this map, whether promoting it by joining our Facebook page, linking to us from your website, submitting an address, reporting an address error or by making a donation for hosting and development.